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Nick Vandersluis

Investment Advisor

Nick has spent just over a decade helping clients pursue real estate wealth in multiple asset classes. Joining MHP Brokerage in 2022 as an Investment Advisor after 3 years as Investment Broker for multi family and mobile home parks at another brokerage. His passion and knowledge for real estate investment drove him away from his educational background where he holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting/Finance and worked for ten years assisting publicly traded companies file their quarterly earnings and reports with the SEC. Everything from P&L’s, balance sheets, EPS, IPO, 10-K. That background comes in handy helping his clients assess their deals.

He loves sharing his knowledge and experience of the industry to help others exit their desk jobs, or just build meaningful portfolios that will cash flow for generations to come. I’ve helped numerous customers on their path to financial freedom through real estate over the years, and being a Midwestern kid I have a good understanding of the tertiary markets and how they operate.
Calling Denver, CO his home Nick loves to ski/snowboard, hike and travel while also pursuing real estate as his passion.

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